Friday 29 December 2023

Legs and back boards

 Now back in the shape it should be.

After a few days work over the Christmas break, the layout is now back on its legs in the new shed. I have added the new backboards as I go as I did not want to paint the steel walls.

I have added the sub frame for staging and installed staging on it. I have also installed the new sub frame for the right hand side just inside the door.

I ran out of the 6mm MDF for the center dividing piece.

Off to bunnings to get another sheet then paint it before I install it.

Sunday 3 December 2023

New shed build

 Let there be light

Well its has been a while. Certainly not my usual pace for building stuff.

Other things such as Lilys soccer and the Mustang have taken my focus for the last 18 months.

Over the last week I finally got back into the new shed to finish the install of the ceiling and then install the lights.

I still have 1 more row to go at the far end and need to replace a few blown or nearly gone fluro's.

The layout is still in bits.

I removed the old steel internal ceiling so I could add more insulation and MDF ceiling so I could install lights.

Next step to make the new legs for the layout.

Here is the revised design of the layout.

Lower stanging will stay where it always was with 5 tracks.

Im looking at how I can add more staging under the paper mill.

 Stay tuned for more..