Wednesday 28 January 2015

Fascia work continues

Oh the MDF dust!

Its lucky that I can cut this MDF in the workshop end of the shed and not in the RR room!
I have been busying completing the cutting out of the fascia for the layout.. All 24 sheets of it..!

The fascia is about 95% complete now. I still need to cut the holes for the panels in Plattsburgh and then paint and fit the turnout panels and make the shelves for each town. But as you can see from the pictures most of the work is now completed.

The sections between Whitehall and Willsboro and Willsboro and Plattsburgh are just roughly cut at present as I need to decide the water level for the Lake Champlain sections.. But they are easy enough to do. I also need to clean up some of the joins and the MDF has moved slightly so need to place some support behind the joins so they are flush.

All in all, Im happy with the progress..

See the pictures to get a feel for it now. Then a lick of paint and bring on the next session!..

Come back and visit in a week or so for the next update.

Monday 12 January 2015

Fascia cut down and crafting

Let the Fascia fun begin.

Due to family holidays, I was not able to get much done over the Christmas break as we were away for most of it.

After returning on Saturday and completing the very long list of clean up chores, it was time to get back into the shed and make a start on the fascia.

Per my earlier post, the rough in work had been completed. It is now time to sculpt the top of the fascia down and form a few mountains as well as cut holes for control panels, port holes for hidden track and shelves at towns for car cards etc.

I managed to get about 5 sheets done yesterday with the 6th one on the bench ready to cut out.

As the control panels are already made and mounted, I should be able to just screw them into place once the painting is done. Per the large hole at North Creek, I need to make the shelf behind it for the car card boxes, as well as places to sort car cards etc.

Here are a few pictures of the work done so far. Five done, 16 to go!..

Till next time, and much more MDF dust later.!...