Tuesday 2 January 2024

Timber work complete

 Timber work including back boards complete

Over the last few days I have managed to cut the ply for the 2 new sections of the layout and paint them before they were installed. This included setting the grade for the new return section above staging from the peninsula to the side wall.

I then completed installing the final few back boards in the centre section. A few of the back board joins need to be glued to keep them together but they fit fairly snugly. The backboards are attached to the layout and not the shed walls. The layout is not fixed to the walls. Only a few select legs are screwed to the floor.

Here are a few pics of the final install

The last remaining task from a timber point of view is to open up the portal on 2 tunels that run through the back board and to build the drop bridge across the doorway.

There are 2 more sections of the old layout being the old helix and upper staging that need to be diassembled and the track recovered from.