Thursday 13 September 2012

Second shed update

Just a quick update re the progress of the shed.

All timber for the walls and ceiling is now procured.
I plan on using 6mm MDF on the lower section of the walls and 3mm on the upper section.

The 3mm will be curved in each corner to stop the sharpe edge look.

I will be using 9mm CD ply on the ceiling.

I will also be adding insulation in the walls and ceiling as I go.

I have now installed the ceiling battens at 600mm centres over the entire roof space.
As there is a 3m gap between roof trusses I have also added extra support from the roof battens to the ceiling battens just for a bit of extra safety.

Here are a few pictures of the ceiling battens.

Now to find time to do the install.. 

Stay tunned for the next update.