Tuesday 7 August 2012

Move in time getting closer

The work on preparing the shed is progressing well. The car port is now up and the 5m long roller door is now out of the shed.

I have now installed the dividing wall between the railway room and the workshop. Of the 10.5m long shed I kept 3m of the front of the shed for a workshop.

Here are a few pictures of the progress of the build on the dividing wall.

Then I lined the wall with 6mm mdf

Then I installed workshop shelving to store all the workshop stuff and other bits and pieces.

Then the workshop work bench was installed and put into service quickly for those other jobs..

As the roof on the shed is a truss roof, I plan to line the shed and put in a false ceiling in the railway room. I plan to use the open end above the workbench to store long items such as timber etc.

Now that the workshop is done, I can now start looking at lining the shed and start work planning the upgrade of the D&H......

Here is a preliminary floor plan for the 7.5m x 6m room..