Friday 31 January 2014

Track Gang Hard at Work

More track work completed

Over yesterday and last night another 25 lengths of Atlas code 55 flex track has now been installed.

This completes the North staging approach, the staging bypass track and also the South staging approach around the loop under Corinth.

Now for North staging!

Stay tunned

Thursday 30 January 2014

South Staging track work completed

Track gangs are hard at work

Over the last few days I have been able to complete all the track work in South staging (under Saratoga Springs).
I have also completed most of the approach track from the main deck to the south staging.

I have now installed 14 turnouts and turnout machines and wired them to the relevant electronics driver boards.
I am yet to apply track power but that's not far away.

For now I have been 0-5-0 shunting a string of 12 Roundhouse 50ft box cars around to make sure all is well.

See the pics for more detail.

Stay tuned for more updates are I complete the south staging approach and then get stuck into North Staging.

Monday 27 January 2014

Track time is finally here

Time to lay some track.

Finally the time has come to get stuck in and lay some track.

Over the last few weeks I have been working up to this moment.
I have now painted the staging ply black (or for my layout a very dark grey called monument).

I then set about laying all the cork for North and South staging including the approach tracks from the main deck.
Before I could start, I needed my 920x600 x 3mm sheets of cork cut into 17mm strips. But, with the help of Dad and his 20ton guillotine the cut of 20 odd sheets of cork was completed in no time (rather than having to cut each 17mm strip by hand / ruler.

After a quick trip to Oakleigh to pick them up, I set about laying the cork.

During the time before actually starting I figured I would make a jig so I could pre drill all the holes needed for the H&M and Tortoise turnout machines.

I set about laying the cork in the South staging first. Then moved to the return loop and the approach tracks.

Then I moved to North staging and the North approach tracks. During this time, the track plan for the staging turnouts was altered slightly to better accommodate the approaches and also clear the L girder below staging.

Once the cork was completed, I then painted all the cork black to blend in with the dark staging that I plan. I did this for all the cork including the approach tracks.

Once the paint had dried (this happened in no time due to the very hot summer were having..)

I then set out laying the South staging south end turnouts and the return loop. Once that was done I made a start on the 6 tracks of south staging.

So far I'm about 1/2 way through South staging. So stay tuned for the next update.

Sunday 19 January 2014

Staging Grade, Plattsburgh and staging deck paint!

More timber work completed!

The last few days have been very productive on the D&H.

I have now managed to complete the 1.7% grade from both North and South staging up to the main deck. So now all the staging timber work is now completed.

Once the grade was completed, I then painted the staging deck black so that once the track is laid it will have a nice dark finish to it and wont stand out through the portholes I plan on making in the fascia. I also roughly painted the backboards in the staging locations. This will be finished off once the main deck is installed using a touch up brush rather than the roller.

Once all this work was completed I set about screwing down the main deck at Plattsburgh and then cleaned up the edge along the isle way.

Now I can confidently say.. It is now time to lay some track in staging..!

Here are some progress pictures.

Staging deck and grades installed and completed.

Testing the gap through the hole in the wall

Testing the space between Corinth and the staging main line

Staging deck and back boards painted

Plattsburgh main deck now in place.