Monday 26 May 2014

Willsboro trackwork and track power completed

Willsboro complete..

Over the last week, I completed the install of the 3 remaining tortoise machines at Willsboro.
I also moved one of the DS54's from North Creek (where it was no longer needed) to Willsboro to cover the change in track layout and the additional 2 tortoise machines that were needed.

Once Willsboro was completed a few test trains were run through the area to check the gauge of the 2 hand laid turnouts and other track work.. All worked with no issues.

Once Willsboro was completed I then set about making the additional turnouts that I needed for the Whitehall south end and loco facility.

I have now built 10 turnouts of the 40 odd that are required and started to plan the Loco facility in more detail.

Due to a long list from the list master 4000 (aka Michelle) of things to do over the weekend, not much has been done on the layout this weekend.. I plan to complete the loco facility this week..

Stay tuned..

Thursday 15 May 2014

D&H Electrical Department hard at work

Wires, Tortoise and more wire

It has been a week or so since my last blog update..
While the info flow on the blog has been slow, the works on the layout have not been..

A week or so ago I completed the tortoise machine install for the North end of Whitehall including the industral track and the storage tracks.

Then I moved onto a small job of completeing the track and tortoise machines for the Cement plant at Ft Edward.

Once the Cement plant was completed, I then needed to turn my hand to building more turnouts for the layout.
As of today I have now built 6 of the 38 that are needed.
They are getting better every time and Im most pleased with the outcome.

Once I had increased the stocks of turnouts, I then moved to Willsboro and installed the Paper Mill tracks as well as the other industral spur that is in town.

I have still need to install tortoise machines on three of the turnouts however the track work is now complete.
Here are a few pictures of Willsboro.
The U30C and caboose are sitting on the switching lead for the paper mill. This will enable switching to be completed independantly of the main line. The paper mill switcher will be either a S2/S4 or a RS2 and be held at the plant.

Thats all for now.
This weekend I hope to install the 3 trmaining tortoise machines at Willsboro and then I will return to Whitehall and complete the build of the turnouts needed for the loco facility.
Stay tuned.