Sunday 27 March 2016

Minor updates to the plan

Just massaging the plans a bit

Over the last few days I have sought feedback from various people both locally and also from "The RailWire"forum.

I have made some minor mods to enable more isle space.

Here are the updates.

Here is lower staging

Here is the main deck.
Note that the loco facility is off tot he right and a fair way from the main yard.
Whitehall is actually like this so is prototypical..
Here is the upper deck.
Any feedback is welcome..

I can hear some saying.. All good.. Just get on and build it..
Yep thats the plan, however, as we are in a new house with literally tons of gardening to do.. I need to manage Michelle's job list also..

1 comment:

  1. Hi Brendan. Yep that's correct get started. Just don't let Michelle add more to the bottom of the list as you knock off the top item.