Saturday, 12 September 2020

Tour of the layout from a cab level point of view

 Cab rides, well kind of..

I have been messing around with the idea of getting a small camera to put on a flat car.  found a cheap one on ebay and pulled the trigger. The results are not up to GoPro standards but still ok and gives the viewer a feel for the layout.

The signal aspects are a little hard to see from the camera. 

Here is a video from south staging to North staging.

Here is the view from North staging to South staging.

Now starting to plan where to place bridges on the upper level.


  1. Nice work Brendan.
    We need to get an essential industry letter so we can get out of our 5k lockdown and come visit.
    There must be some clause that we can use like good for our health.

  2. Rod, yep agree. Mental health needs to come into it somewhere along the way.