Saturday, 26 September 2020

More Bridges

Mainline between Cooperville and North Staging

Since the bridge install at Cooperville, I have been planning and kit bashing a few bridges to be installed on the main line between Cooperville and North staging.

The first bridge is an Atlas code 55 truss bridge with a ME 40ft girder extension. I think this bridge was given to me by Barry Davies and came off the now fallen flag Thompson River Canyon built by Rod and Vic.

The second bridge is a new Atlas code 55 truss bridge un modified.

The third bridge is a combination of a ME 80ft girder bridge span, a Kato truss bridge turned upside down and modified and then a ME  40ft girder bridge span.

All bridges have been air brushed with anthracite grey and then with a light dusting of burnt umber. The track and ties have been painted with my usual olive drab colour. With this track I used a micro brush.

The supports are kit bashed from an Atlas stone arch bridge.The supports are the same colour as the bridges (for now). More weathering to come on those. They are all easily removed at this point in time.

I think this makes a large difference to the look of the upper level. I have also reduced the height of the front fascia and the foam to give a better view of the trains.

I'm not 100% complete on the height of the foam base along the back of the track as I want it to look like the part of the line that runs along the edge of Lake Champlain in up state New York. So more thinking to be done there.

With the hot wire cutter in my hand, I decided that the large mountain on the single turn helix between Port Henry and Plattsburgh needed to be reduced in height and cut out the vertical groves. Here is the update to that scene.

 Stay tuned for the next update.


  1. Very nice work Brendan. Be careful with hills that they do not look like ice creams and all too rounded on top.

  2. Rod, yep agree. I think this one has more work to be done on it.