Sunday, 13 September 2020

Cooperville Bridge install

 Time to make some cuts

I have been thinking about and planning to install some bridges along the top deck of the layout for some time. The old saying of measure twice cut once also blended into procrastination for some time.

Today I took the plunge and am happy with the result.

I used a 2 track Atlas code 55 girder bridge. As the track levels are slightly different in this area due to the main line being 2 mm higher than the loop track, I had to slightly modify the bridge to enable the difference in height. The mod was fairly simple and it all clicked back together.

I also cut some height off the front fascia and also pruned the foam that sits between the fascia and the track. I also was not that happy with the finish on the foam at the back of the main line. So cut that down also.

I need to get some 3mm MDF to place under the bridge to form the river bed. As we are in lockdown (end of week 7) in Melbourne, I will wait until I can go to Bunnings to get some. I could click and collect, but it s not that urgent.

Here are a few progress shots.

Now to get the brown paint out on the foam.

Now this is done, I will move further along the top deck towards North Staging that is effectively around lake Champlain to add some more bridges.

Stay tuned.


  1. Much better, nice work young master.

  2. Good job Brendan, those bridges are going to make some great scenes on the layout.