Sunday, 27 September 2020

Road bridges and a culvert

More bridge work.

I have long been looking at ways to cover tunel portholes on the layout or places where trains enter and exit the main layout. I have been lucky enough to obtain a few road bridges from friends fallen flag layouts over the last few years and have been storing them up.

This weekend I spent a bit of time cutting and modifying them to fit places where I wanted to cover holes in backdrops etc.

First up a bridge on the south side of Cooperville. There is a corner location and I did not put in a curved backdrop. So a bridge at a 45 degree angle should do the trick over the TOFC interchange. I think this one came from John Fahey

Next up I wanted to cover the access to the north creek branch where there is a train usually staged.

Again, I cut a bridge given to me to fit the space. I think this one came from John Fahey

Next up a bridge over the middle of Port Henry. Not prototypical  for the location but wanted to break up the scene a bit. This one cant from Barry Davies. I have set this one back a little bit to stop it from being knocked by operators.

Then a bridge over the North bound main line as the train enters the 1 turn helix. I cut up 1 long bridge to make this one and the next one. This one is from John Fahey.

Then I used a small part of the previous bridge to make this short scenery block.

This is the 1 turn helix heading south to Port Henry.

Then lastly a small culvert is placed on the North End of Fairhaven.

Lots of bridge work both road and rail this weekend. I have found I need more cars.. So need to see what I can find.

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