Friday, 14 April 2017

Peninsula Wall Install

Let there be a wall..

Over the last week I managed to paint the 6 sheets of 3mm MDF ready for the wall install.

Then over the weekend I managed to complete the centre peninsula wall install.
This now makes a huge difference in the look of the room.

Here are the progress pictures.

There is some touch up painting and fixing of one of the joints to be completed, however, all in all, I am pleased with the end result.

Now for more lights for the towns on the peninsula and then valance for the lights.

Stay tuned..

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Upper deck build complete

Timber work almost done

This weekend I managed to complete the upper deck build.
This includes all the structure and ply deck from the top of the helix to the upper staging.

Included in this section is a lift out bridge across the door way and a 2% grade up to upper staging.

All the cork was laid in the upper staging section before I installed the ply main deck to make the installation of the track easier.

Here are some more pictures showing the room now.

Now to paint the lift out bridge and then get stuck into the centre peninsula backboard / dividing all.

Stay tuned for the next update.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Track work and upper deck

Lower main line install and upper deck.

A fair bit of work has been completed over the last month or so.
I have managed to install the entire main line for the lower deck and power the track and power the turnouts for MP1 switch machines.

I have not yet completed the towns or yards, just the main line.

Here are a few progress pictures of the main line. A train can now travel from lower staging, up onto the main or lower deck, then travel around the room and up through the helix to the upper deck.

As part of the lower main deck, I needed to build a drop bridge across the door way. In order to maintain good track work, I made the sections of track that cross the joins on the bridge.

See the progress pictures.

I have also installed the frame work for the upper deck ready for the ply wood.
The ply wood is cut and now painted ready for install.

Now to wait for the paint to dry and then I will cut the ply for the upper staging yard. Then once cut and painted, I will get cracking on the ply for the upper deck. The upper deck will be at 1600 mm from the floor. there will not be any towns or switching at this level. The trains will just run by through scenery at eye level.

Stay tuned..

Monday, 30 January 2017

Completed Turnouts

Turnouts ready for install.

Some months ago I completed the build of a number of turnouts.
As I now would like to install the mainline on the lower level, I need to use some of them.

Over the last weekend I added the wooden ties to the turnouts and then I decided I would weather them before installing on the layout.

To weather them, I simply cut some thin strips of masking tape and placed the tape between the point rails and the check rails. This will assist in reducing the amount of paint in this location and stop the point rails from sticking (An issue I had on the old layout). As the turnouts are hand built, there point rails and the closure rails are the same polarity so there is no reliance on the contact between the point rail and the check rail for electrical conductivity.

Here is a picture of the turnouts all ready for painting..
I use olive drab for the paint colour.

Here is a picture of the turnouts painted, tape removed and rails cleaned.

Now back to the track laying..

Monday, 16 January 2017

Helix Build

3 Turns of the helix

For some time I have thought I would like to build a helix on a layout. Well, now is the time. The new layout has 2 of them. The first is a single turn spiral between Willsboro and Pt Henry and the second is the 3 turn helix from Willsboro up 200mm to Cooperville.

This weekend I set about building and installing the helix.

As I wanted to maintain good clearance between the levels I opted to use 4.8mm masonite rather than the 12mm ply that I have used for the rest of the layout. with a 2% grade and 200mm of climb, the helix is oval in shape and is designed with 3 turns or loops. The space between decks in 64mm less the 3mm of cork and the track it self. So the actual space between decks in around 59mm.

In order to build the helix, I cut 3 rectangles, all the same size and then cut the oval in the middle.
I allowed enough space for 19mm pine blocks to be place on both the inside and outside of the track to hold the levels apart. I then placed all 3 prepared shapes together and made a single cut across the 3 levels in exactly the same place to enable the joins between decks.

The key for the build was getting the first deck right in terms of grade correct and then the next 2 levels would be simple.. All worked per the plan.

I added track to each level as I built it and track feeders and then moved to the next level.

The track is not yet connected to the relevant BDL168, but that's not far off..

So here are the pictures showing the progress..

Now to build the next level..