Sunday, 3 May 2020

Kit bashing

Time to get started on kit bashing

This weekend I entered uncharted territory and started to build buildings and kit bash others to fit into the spaces I have. I have never got a layout to this point, and never kit bashed any buildings.. So all new for me. I like large industries that look like they are the size they should be so I planned to elongate some buildings to fir into spaces.

Here are the 1st few attempts.. The freight house is basically out of the box, the other two are elongated.

The buildings are not yet complete as the windows and roof details have not been added. I stopped at this point to enable me to get the feel of the building and the size and to make it easier to paint. Then the last details can be added.

This will be General Foods. Will receive cardboard, glass bottles, and tin cans (all on line industries) and then ship out packaged food to off line destinations.

This building was a DPM trackside transfer building that I elongated and changed the platform.

The second set of buildings will be Lay-Z-Boy chair manufacturing.
They will receive timber (off line) cardboard (on line) and ship chairs (offline).

The right building is a Walthers Water Street Freight terminal. The left building is a Walters Cornerstone modular building that is 2 level at the front and 1 level at the rear..
Again they are not finished. They are shells to enable me to see how they fit and then to paint the parts later and finish assembly.

Now onto the next set of buildings in Port Henry. Port Henry doors..


  1. Looks like you are off to a great start Brendan. I think you will find this aspect of the hobby to be quite rewarding.

  2. It's another rabbit hole...!
    The Walthers modular kits are great for scratch building structures. Remember you can hide the seams quite easily too...

    1. Or the full MRH - Article...

    2. Thanks Jason. Thanks for the link. Most appreciated.. I had planned on some down pipes or other piping to hide them. I like your idea also.