Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Ball Metal Containers Factory

More Buildings

For my second set of buildings, I made a start on Ball Metal Containers. This was a on line customer in Saratoga Springs on the D&H. I have moved the factory to Fair Haven and made it a bit older than the current plant.

The idea being that it will receive steel in rolls, in gons and ship out in box cars tin cans for the on line General foods in Port Henry. It will also receive cardboard from the Plattsburgh paper mill.

I plan to add a large heavy duty crane out the front to handle the steel rolls.
I have the crane, but need to make the gantry..

Here is the building, complete with curved dock.

I also read the comments from my last post and modified the Corner stone modular building I made to hide some of the joins. (Thanks Jason).

Now to see if I have the necessary plastic to make the crane gantry.

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