Monday, 11 May 2020

Building construction continues

More MEK....

Progress continues on the construction of buildings and more kit bashing.

This weekend I made a start on a heavy duty over head crane for Ball Metal Containers in Fair Haven. Unfortunately I ran out of H beam. So onto the web to order more. Here is the structure as it is today with more work to go.
I used old Peco bridge beams, (upside down) for the top sections.

Then onto Port Henry Doors. (ignore the label on the top of the building).
This is made up of a Walters Railcar restoration building and a DPM building.

This fits into the rounded corner and will take bulk head flats with sized timber and boxcars with glass, and ship completed doors in boxcars.

Then onto an additional office building and design studio for Lay-Z-Boy chairs.
This is made from a Walthers Branch's Candy

Then onto a very large power station for the town of Plattsburgh and for the paper mill.
This is made from 2 Superior paper kits and parts for the tan building.
There is more to go on this. I need to replace the roof as the material I used is too soft and warps and is not your usual evergreen plastic so does not glue well.. I need to order a number of evergreen sheets to fix it. I also need add a covered unloading bay for the coal cars.

All buildings will be painted, get windows and a number of roof top bits and pieces once painted.

More covid-19 lock down fun next week.


  1. Mate you gantry crane looks a bit too tall from the pic, three stories is high. Just sayin. Ca you get it lower? Metro hobbies in Box Hill have evergreen stuff if you are having difficulty in finding any. Bit pricey but then so is everything. Coming along nicely.

  2. Rod, Yeh it is a bit high after I put it in place. It is over kill for the loads is needs to lift. I will shorten the legs a bit. I have ordered the evergreen stuff from Metro and am waiting for it to be delivered. I will look to revise the height. Probably down to the same height as the 3 story building. Thx