Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Heavy duty crane revised

Some height changes to the heavy duty crane at Fair Haven plant.

After a delivery of Evergreen styrene stock was delivered today and based on a suggestion from Rod re the height of the crane gantry. I modified what I had already built by reducing the height of the crane.

Here is the updated version.

The crane is probably still a fair bit of overkill for the plant, but will see how it looks once things are painted and dulled down a bit.


  1. Sorry Bren I think you need a much smaller crane overall this looks way over scale for the position and what its picking up. Its a good looking kit maybe in another place. You know what's putting me off is having the office building beside the crane. Maybe this whole building should look more industrial like a factory made of steel and corrugated iron for its walls. I would change out the whole building so the gons would go straight in not on an angle and just have the office section down the back and to one side. Take a look on the web to see some building flats like I am talking about, I am sure you will find some. Rod.

  2. Rod, thanks for the tips. I think it is over kill also. I may move it to the power station as that building is much larger. I could make a steel walled low relief building to go next to the one I already built and then move the 3 story one to the other side of the warehouse. I will play around with it a bit. Thx

  3. Hi Brendan, is that N scale or HO, looks like the HO-Heavy Duty crane kit I have?

    Maybe something along the lines of this may help...

  4. Hey Jason. Yeh it is a N scale one 100%. It is a "Heavy Duty" one that's for sure. Is a model of a 250 ton crane. Walthers part# 933-381. I think I will move to the power plant that is a much larger building and come up with another plan to unload rolled steel.