Monday, 13 April 2020

Start work on the scenery

Foam, Foam, more foam and a hot wire cutter.

I finally have my mojo back and with Covid-19 lock down and a full 4 day Easter long weekend I decided to get stuck into cutting up the loads of foam that I have been storing for some time.

After searching for about 2 hours for my cheap and nasty hot wire cutter (that I bought off ebay from China a few years ago) I got stuck into it..

Four days later all foam is roughed in and about 1/2 of the foam is now painted brown.

Some parts on the top level I will look to change over time by adding a few bridges and river beds etc.

Here are a few pictures with a train running through them to enable a sense of size.

The last picture is bags full of off cuts of the foam.. Now to gradually get rid of them in the rubbish bin 1 bag per week.

Now onto building planning..


  1. Wow, that looks great! You did an awesome job with that foam cutter.

  2. Ah scenery... One day!

    Great job, makes such a difference already.