Sunday, 19 April 2020

Somewhere for the Laptop

A place for the Laptop.

As I use JMRI to manage the signals and routes on the layout, I needed a place to sit the laptop.
When I get to operating sessions the panel will be managed by a dispatcher in the other part of the garage. While I am running the layout myself, I needed a central place to locate the laptop so I could do some loco programming / speed matching (if needed) as well as run the JMRI panel.

This weekend I build a roll out shelf / drawer for the machine. If needed the screen can be closed and the machine left running and it can be pushed back under the layout and out of the way.

The Loco buffer and power supply for the layout are tucked up under the layout to save on messing around with cables.

Here are a few pictures on the finished product..

Next up.. Building planning (I think)/.....


  1. Must be something about this week and computers?
    You'll have a completed layout by the time we can get up and see it again...

  2. Yeh we are going great guns. Completed more work on the panel last night with NX routing and a second panel to run on a iPad just for the basic routing. More testing to be done.

  3. Nice work Brendan. Getting ready for our freedom yay.

  4. Yep sure am. There have been many changes since you guy were here last.