Sunday, 26 April 2020

Building rough in

Did someone say Jigsaw's?

This weekend I spent time reviewing and revising the plan for the industries on the layout. This includes the products that come and go along with the car types and the possible on line or off line destination. This then helped with the planning of the buildings. I had completed this time ago but it needed review, revision and enhancement.

Once this was completed I then searched out all the buildings that I have been hording for a number of years. This includes a number of Walthers cornerstone modular kids, 2 x Superior paper kits, other Walthers kits and a number of DPM kits.

I already knew what types of buildings I was after per the plan so set about playing jigsaw puzzles with buildings to make up what I needed.

I managed to cobble together a large power plant from part of the Superior paper kit along with a large long main paper mill building. I then used the remainder of the red brick parts of the paper mill to make a power station for the glass factory across the isle.

Some of the kits may be recognisable. Some not so much.

I wanted to use the long plaster warehouse flats that I had, so plan on adding a old unused track next to where the building is in Whitehall.

While some of the industries are correct (in name only) to those on the D&H, the others are made up based on the types of industries that were on the D&H. So not strictly to what was there and a fair bit of modellers licence. I am on the other side of the planet compared to up state New York and it is my layout..

Here are a few pictures of the building walls taped together to get the feel for them..

TOFC Facility

Ball Metal Container Co

The yellow heavy duty crane will be along the front of the building.

Power plant for the Glass Factory

 General foods

Lay-Z-Boy chairs
Lay-Z-Boy Chairs
 Pt Henry Doors
 SL Scrap

Pt Henry Doors

SL Scrap steel

 Loco facility in Whitehall

Post Star Printing - Whitehall

Cement - Whitehall

 Paper Factory. Further down the town, there is space for tank and pulp logs.
 Power plant for the paper mill

Propane gas dealer

The Glass factory will go here and still needs more planning

Now to get building..


  1. These should look very good.
    Did you score any from Big John? I made a few for his RR.

  2. Rod,
    I have a few from John and also some from Barry. As most are low relief, they dont fit. But some do.. See the few in the corner of Whitehall.