Saturday, 4 April 2020

Its all about presentation


Due to lock down as part of Covid-19, I decided to take a break from JMRI and seek the assistance of Michelle to add skirting to the layout.

A quick run down to Lincraft armed with Michelle's discount card. 23m of black material at $6 per meter.. We set about hemming the ends and tacking it in place with push pins..

See the pics attached. It came out rather well.

The material used is the cheapest verity called homespun. This is a thin material, but it does not matter as it is dark behind the material so is not see through..
The thin material has an unexpected advantage. I can see the LED's on the DCC control boards behind the skirting. I then discovered that the voltage readouts that I had under the layout can also be seen.
I expecting to have to move them to the fascia.. But, now I dont need to. They are not meant to stand out, They are just intended to be a reference point and for use if there is a short.

The top display is a RRAmp meter on one of the Digitrax boosters.
The bottom row are various power supplies that power the layout.
16V bus, and multiple 12 volt power buses. I was using the 5v power bus to drive 5v relays, but changed them to 12 v so the 5v power bus is not being used.

If you look along the part of the layout where the LED display is located, you cant see them. It is only when you get parallel with the layout and the displays that you can see them..

Now to find more carpet of the same colour or dark carpet to finish the look.

Back to JMRI.


  1. This looks really good Brendan. I suppose all kinds of stuff is hidden behind the skirting ?

    1. See some of the older pictures.. All kinds of hidden gems.. Pain, old MR mags, chairs, toolbox, boxes of buildings etc etc.

  2. Beautiful, looks very good. Mate get second hand carpet tiles like I used on the SFRSD.
    There is a place not too far from me that has a huge range and easier to lay than carpet. Prices start at $2.20 bucks a tile. Just need to sort out yourself.

    1. Thanks Rod.. I will look them up after all this COVID-19 crap is done with.