Sunday, 8 February 2015

Fascia work complete

Time for some paint!

This week I managed to finish the fascia work on the layout. The joins are all now fixed and the holes for the panels are neat and ready the panels.

I have planned Ops session for Sunday the 22nd so I'm keen to get the painting done before that session. The mounting of the panels will not take long as all it will just be 2 screws to panel.

Here are a collection of shots taken before the painting. Note the 2 panels at Plattsburgh are already painted as I pre painted some panels. But due to marking out the holes and man handling the fascia panels they tend to get a bit scuffed up so I abandoned that idea and opted to mount first and paint later.

The larger holes in the panel are for internal shelves at each town to enable car cards to be placed and sorted rather than being on the layout. I am yet to install the shelves in there. This will be done if time permits before the session on the 22nd.

Come back next time and see the changes.

1 comment:

  1. Looking good Brendan. Cannot wait to see how it looks in person and in black. At the rate you are going I'm thinking the carpet tiles will be laid hmmm.