Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Fascia painting and shelves completed

Love it when I finish a big job!..

Per my last post, I painted the fascia but was yet to make and install the shelves behind the fascia for the car cards and assorted other bits and pieces.

Well, this week, I managed to complete the 6 shelves and install them. Then I painted them once installed. They have come up a treat. Some are smaller than others due to the timber work behind them, but I think the 2 smaller ones should work out OK.

Once I made the shelves I set about finding a place to mount the town phone system. As I want to keep the fascia clutter to a minimum, I decided to try them just below the layout. So I installed 6 mounting brackets / timber and the hooks that the hand sets sit on. Then I attached the brackets that the radio's clip onto behind them.

They seem to be in a good place but time will tell as I have another shake down ops session this coming Sunday. So will see what the guys think of the hand set mounting location.. I can always move them up onto the fascia, as the brackets below the layout just screw on and don't attach to the fascia for now so no old screw holes to cover up and paint.

Here are the pics of the finished fascia.



North Creek / Corinth

Phone system brackets with hand set

Saratoga Springs

Ft Edward


North Creek / Corinth

So thats another major milestone completed on the D&H Champlain Division. Now for some carpet!..

Next update will be post the ops session on Sunday.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Looks great Brendan. Cannot wIt to see what the operators think of it.

  2. Excellent work Brendan. I'm sure the operators will find the shelves to be very handy.