Sunday, 8 February 2015

Fascia Painting Completed

A bit of a lick of paint and the job is done.

Well, this morning I got stuck into the painting of the fascia.
I started with the edges around all the holes and the top edge of the fascia. Then with some great help from Michelle, we got stuck into applying two coats of paint.

As we all know, MDF drinks paint and it takes at least two coats to get a good finish.

Once the painting was done, I set about hand painting some of the frame of the layout that can be seen through some of the portholes.

After a few house chores were done, I then set about installing the turnout panels and UP5 / UR92 etc into the slots allocated.

Unfortunately I miscalculated on the clearance at the rear of one of the UP5's and found that a tortoise machine was in the way. I will make up a small RJ12 adaptor so I can use the UP5 front face and run some loconet cables to the UP5 as I don't want to move the tortoise machine.

There are places where the light goes through to the hidden track, but these sections will be covered once the main deck scenery is put in place.

Here are a few shots from around the room.

The next task is to make and install the 6 shelves, 1 at each town. This should be done in time for the next session on the 22nd.

Then to clean some loco wheels and track and let the trains roll.

Until next time...


  1. This really looks great. Following the work on your layout from when you were building the shed, I have been impressed with the speed of your progress. Looking forward to your progressing to scenery on the layout.

  2. Damn Brendan your flying. Can't wait to see all the progress at the next ops session. Jas.

  3. Great work Brendan. Black is certainly the colour to use!!!!!