Sunday, 3 August 2014

Track gang hard at work in Saratoga Springs

More track work

Now that I have enough turnouts built to enable the construction of Saratoga Springs and Ft Edward, I decided Saratoga Springs was to be the next town to be completed.

I was able to get out into the shed for a few hours yesterday (Saturday) to install more cork in the relevant locations for both Saratoga Springs and Ft Edward.

Then today I set about the construction of Saratoga Springs.
As it is quite cold outside as it is the middle of winter, a small heater was needed for an hour or so to bring the room up to temperature.

After a solid few hours this morning and then a few more this afternoon, the track work in Saratoga Springs is now completed.

I have installed 9 turnouts and approx spur tracks for industries.

Here are a few pictures of the completed town.

Now that the track work is completed the next step is to install and power the 9 tortoise machines and also power up the track work. The mainline and the passing siding are already completed in terms of track power and turnout machines.

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