Monday, 25 August 2014

Track gang arrives in Corinth and North Creek

Last bit of track work on the D&H

The end of track work on the D&H is now in sight.
Over the last weekend I completed the cork install, construction of the last remaining 4 hand laid turnouts and the track work up from Saratoga Springs to Corinth and through to North Creek.

Per the pictures, the track work for the branch line is now completed as well as all the major track work in Corinth and North Creek.

The only remaining task in terms of track work is to complete the Corinth Paper mill. The only issue there is that I ran out of Atlas Code 55 flex again and need to go see my supplier one more time.!

During this week I will install the 12 remaining tortoise machines and the track feeders to the town.

Then work will start on the fascia's

Here are the pictures..

Thanks for checking in...

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