Thursday, 24 July 2014

Turnout problems fixed!

Finally a Solution..

After much thinking and testing a solution has been found..

Apparently the flux I am using is a metallic salt derived from dissolving zinc in hydrochloric acid. Therefore it is going to be conductive, although minimally. (thanks to C855B on the railwire)

I have now procured some rubbing Alcohol and have cleaned and dried 3 turnouts and the problem is resolved.. No more resistance across the rails on any of the parts of the turnout!.. YEY!..

I have also cleaned the 12 that I had built while away in QLD and am letting them dry over night..

Then the next step is to go and clean ALL the installed hand laid turnouts and clean all solder joints on the layout as the flux I have used, will, over time be corrosive!.. (darn it).

So, thanks for playing along.. The problem is fixed and I can now continue the build.

Goes to show, the old saying of.. Put it down and have another look tomorrow and you will find the solution does work..

Oh and also, place a question on a well run well known forum and the solution will be provided (over time)!..

Thanks for checking in!

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  1. That's the best part about Blog's Brendan, guaranteed that someone will find your solution useful somewhere. Just wish there was as many good ones as there is now, when I first started!