Sunday, 6 July 2014

Turnout construction continues

Not stopping the construction - Even when on holidays

Now that Plattsburgh is complete in terms of track work and electrical work, it is time to build more turnouts for Ft Edward and Saratoga Springs.

As it is July school holidays time, the family decided a 2 week holiday was needed and warmer weather is always better for a holiday. So we packaged up and headed and Queensland for a 2 week break.

Not wanting the layout build to slow down, I decided that it would be easy enough to pack a small workshop into a box and take it with me to enable the turnout contruction to continue. (As I cant sing like Rod Stewart, I figured I would emulate his thinking and continue the layout build while on the road - at a significantly lower cost than Rod I'm sure).

Here is a pic of the workbench laid out on the kitchen table.

2 days on holiday and 1 turnout built.. 14 to go while on holidays and only because I am running out of copper ties and need to order more!...

Thanks for checking in.

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  1. You have a very understanding wife Brendan! Mine would kill me if I even attempted to bring anything RR with me on holidays... :)