Monday, 2 June 2014

Turnout Panels arrive in Whitehall

Turnout Panels.

Now that all the track work is completed in Whitehall including the loco depot, south end switching lead track and caboose track, I decided that I had better get a turnout panel installed for the large yard at Whitehall.

As the yard is long, I decided it would be best to create 2 complete turnout panels for the yard to enable them to be located at each end of the yard.

The thinking is that if there are 2 people switching the yard and it is likely to get busy, then the engineers can complete run around moves while staying in the one place at a given end of the yard. So, as an example, if a engineer wants to run around a train or cars at the opposite end of the yard, he can stay in one place and operate all turnouts in the yard from the one location wile communicating with the other yard engineer so they dont get in each others way.

Here are a few pictures of the panels that have been made and are all now functioning. They are temporarily installed using G clamps.
Over the next few days I will make the mounts for the panels. The panels will be recessed into the fasica of the layout and at a slight angle to enable easy viewing.

Here you can see both panels installed in their locations and temporarily held in place by G clamps.

This is the northern end panel.
This is the southern end panel.
I will take a few pictures of the newly installed loco facility and post in the next day or so.
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