Monday, 26 May 2014

Willsboro trackwork and track power completed

Willsboro complete..

Over the last week, I completed the install of the 3 remaining tortoise machines at Willsboro.
I also moved one of the DS54's from North Creek (where it was no longer needed) to Willsboro to cover the change in track layout and the additional 2 tortoise machines that were needed.

Once Willsboro was completed a few test trains were run through the area to check the gauge of the 2 hand laid turnouts and other track work.. All worked with no issues.

Once Willsboro was completed I then set about making the additional turnouts that I needed for the Whitehall south end and loco facility.

I have now built 10 turnouts of the 40 odd that are required and started to plan the Loco facility in more detail.

Due to a long list from the list master 4000 (aka Michelle) of things to do over the weekend, not much has been done on the layout this weekend.. I plan to complete the loco facility this week..

Stay tuned..

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