Saturday 22 March 2014

Main line for the entire layout now complete!

Track gangs complete main line ahead of time

Well, today marks a really satisfying day on the D&H Champlain Division.
The main line and all of staging is now complete (in terms of track laying).

Over the last week the track gang powered through Whitehall, up to Willsboro, through Pt Douglas and then down grade to Plattsburgh.

All main line turnouts are installed and tortoise machines installed also.
The passing siding at Plattsburgh is completed.
Now for the main line passing sidings in the rest of the towns.

The next job, once the passing sidings are complete is to wire up the track and turnout power.. Then the trains can roll on their own rather than being 0-5-0'ed around the layout.

Here are a few progress pictures.

Whitehall main yard

Abandoned branch line on the left and the main line on the right. The abandoned branch line will also be the lead track for Switching in North Whitehall
Main line about to go down on the section between Whitehall and Willsboro

North end of Whitehall.
Testing out turnout spacing in Whitehall.

 Main line being installed in Willsboro

 Main line complete in Willsboro
Looking South from Willsboro

North Willsboro and Pt Douglas
Main line from Pt Douglas past Red Rocks and into Plattsburgh

Main line from Pt Douglas past Red Rocks and into Plattsburgh
Last piece of track on the main line to be installed

Last piece of track on the main line is now installed.

1st meet in Plattsburgh

Testing siding length

Well that's it folks. The main line is now done.. Now to wire things up.
Stay tuned..


  1. Your progress just astounds me Brendan, look forward to seeing the remaining track work go in...

  2. Congratulations Brendan. I'm looking forward to seeing trains running under their own power in the very near future.


  3. As usual well done young master.