Thursday, 13 March 2014

Main deck completed and main deck track work started.

Another milestone completed

As of last week, I completed the install of the main deck all around the layout.
This is a major milestone that has been coming for a while and is finally here!.

There are sections of main line that once I decide where the road bed needs to be will be cut to shape such as the main line between Whitehall and Willsboro, and Ft Edward to Saratoga Springs.
This will be done at the time of laying the track in that area.

All the main deck (apart from 1 section that I was not happy with and replaced the ply) has been painted with a base brown in readiness for track laying.

Here are a few pictures of the completed main deck.

Here is a train sitting in staging under Whitehall so show the gap that is available.

And now I have started to lay track on the Southern end of the railway and am heading North from staging approach to Saratoga Springs.

Thanks for dropping by.

This week I had the pleasure of hosting visits from Ron (on his way through town) and Rod, John F and John C to review the construction work that has been completed so far. All were pleased / impressed with the progress. Hopefully a running session on the main line and passing sidings is not to far away!

Hopefully the next update will be track arriving in Ft Edward and may be even Whitehall..

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  1. You've done that much, and still have time to help with track plans too! Seriously impressive rate your working at Brendan, really like the method of bench work building you have employed here.
    If you still need to get rid of excess build energy, I'll let you know when I'm about to start my alteration! :)