Thursday 3 October 2013

Corner panels installed

Backboards and corners.

Over the last week or so, I have been busy working on completing the backboards / dividing walls for the layout and filling the various holes to cover the screws and plug up any gaps.

All the backboards are now done and I have cut gaps in the backboard where the staging tracks need to cross between the two sides of the backboards.

I have also completed painting the tops of the wall studs where they protrude from the tops of the walls.

Then the final task to complete before I set to work in painting the back boards / dividing wall is to fill in the corners. According to the local layout construction guru's, the best way to fill in the corners and make then concave, is to use laminex. When the laminex is installed, the best way is to use the back of the laminex facing outwards (to enable the paint to stick).

I have now installed the 3 pieces of laminex in the relevant corners.

Per the pictures, I have screwed temporary timber to the walls to ensure that the laminex stays where it should be while the glue cures.

One of the cool tools I purchased when I started the layout build that I now have in my kit bag, is a laser level. This cool little device sits on the top of a tripod and projects a horizontal and vertical laser beam. The cool part is that the beam is always exactly vertical / horizontal.. So installing the guide timber for the laminex was made very simple.. While this could have been done with a normal level, however the laser is just so precise. (The laser is similar to this one

Once the laminex is cured, the timber guides are then removed, the holes plugged up (from the screws used to hold the timber to the wall) and then the painting can begin..

Thanks for dropping by.
Next time.. Painting and valance.

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  1. This is looking very good Brendan the laser certainly make getting vertical lines spot on.
    Way to go.