Friday 27 September 2013

Dividing Walls - Install time

The walls are appearing!.

Earlier this week 37 sheets of 2400x1200x3mm MDF sheets arrived and I quickly went and picked them up to ensure I had them before the rain set in this week.

Once I got them into the shed, I set about painting 1 side of each sheet. As the material is MDF and it is susceptible to moisture, I figured I would paint the back of each sheet before the walls are installed. This way effectively both sides of each sheet are painted and hopefully will reduce the warping of the sheets once installed over time.

After painting 22 of the 37 sheets, I then set about installing the sheets on the peninsula walls.

Below are some progress pictures that were taken this week.

All but 4 sheets of the 15 needed for the dividing walls is now installed and it is looking rather snazzy!.

Once the walls are in, I will paint the walls with sky blue before starting the install of the valance.

Thanks for dropping by.

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