Sunday, 14 June 2020

Signals on the JMRI Panel

Signal set up.

This weekend I got stuck into defining all the signal heads and then signal masts for the panel and linked them to the outputs on the various driver boards under the layout. With a careful bit of planning, this went with out a hitch.

Then I added the signals to the panels and defined the logical order or connections between the signals.

Then some virtual testing was completed.

The signals work as expected apart from a mine issue where the highest aspect is approach medium. I cant get them to go full clear. I suspect this is something to do with speeds set on the blocks or turnouts. I spent a fair bit of time looking for the issue but it has eluded me thus far. I will place a post on the JMRI page to seek assistance from the guru's.

Here is the panel as it stands today.

If you look closely, the signals on the main through Whitehall, Port Henry and Coopersville all show a yellow over green (Approach medium). In my mind, they should show Green over red. (Clear).

The below shows 2 routes with trains leaving both ends of the layout and set up for a meet at Plattsburgh.

Will continue to fault find the issue and keep the page updated.

More to follow once I fix the issue.

Then I can start testing my existing signal masts and then start installing them on the layout.

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