Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Signalling Set up Complete

Debugging Completed

Over the last few days I received some updates from the great team on the Groups.io / JMRI forum.
The issue was quickly identified in that I changed both the Appearance xml file and the aspects file to get what I wanted. The issue was, JMRI uses the user defined Appearance file but ignores the user created aspects file and uses its own. As soon as I replaced the JMRI provided one, things worked perfectly.

Here is a capture of the panel with NX routes with all signals working as expected. This picture shows a number of trains on the layout and 2 routes set for trains operating in both directions.
Now that the panel file is set up with NX routes, in order for signals to function a dispatcher is needed to set routes for each of the trains. While this is great when I have an operating session, it is not great when I want to run as a lone ranger. This issue is easily fixed by removing the NX routes from the routes table and going to each of the White arrows on the panel and hiding them. This effecitvely changes the panel from a APB panel to a ABS panel where all the signals will operate automatically in both directions. While not strictly prototypical as the 1st into the block will get the green and opposing trains will get a red but it at least enables signals to operate as trains pass through the sections dependant on the route set by the engineer at each of the local panels on the layout.

Here is a screen grab of the modified panel.

My plan going forward is to maintain the panel WITH the NX routes configured as the "gold"file and then once changes are made in that and tested, then I can go and copy and rename the file to a NON NX route or ABS file and go and hide each of the NX Icons. 
The best of both worlds in a simple change in the Panel file I load.

Now for more testing out on the railroad to make sure I have covered all possibilities.


  1. Very cool, great that you got some help obviously from a lot of good guys.
    Well done Brendan.
    Can you change from one version to another by a switch on the panel?
    Just askin.

  2. Thanks Rod. Re changing Panel. It is just a choice in panel file I load. So if I want the Dispatcher version then I simply choose the file when I start JMRI. If I want the other one, I just need to restart JMRI and choose the other file. Simple.