Thursday, 4 June 2020

JMRI Panel update

All bout routes.

A little while ago I updated the arrows on the panel to make them easier to select with a mouse when setting routes. Here is a screen capture of the revised panel.

I'm still yet to add the signals to the panel.

Note the green is the routes set. So in this diagram, a train from the North staging can proceed to the loop at Plattsburgh and a train from the South staging can proceed to # 2 track in Whitehall.

More recently I have been busy adding SMD resistors to new metal wheels and then installing them into my rolling stock. I did have about 1/2 the cars with resistors now all the rolling stock on the layout has them. Should make detection even more reliable than it was.. (And it was reliable before).

More to come.


  1. So Its getting close to an ops session. I gather occupied territory will show red?
    Looks good Brendan.

  2. Rod, correct. Red is occupied, green is route set and yellow is route being set.