Thursday, 16 March 2017

Track work and upper deck

Lower main line install and upper deck.

A fair bit of work has been completed over the last month or so.
I have managed to install the entire main line for the lower deck and power the track and power the turnouts for MP1 switch machines.

I have not yet completed the towns or yards, just the main line.

Here are a few progress pictures of the main line. A train can now travel from lower staging, up onto the main or lower deck, then travel around the room and up through the helix to the upper deck.

As part of the lower main deck, I needed to build a drop bridge across the door way. In order to maintain good track work, I made the sections of track that cross the joins on the bridge.

See the progress pictures.

I have also installed the frame work for the upper deck ready for the ply wood.
The ply wood is cut and now painted ready for install.

Now to wait for the paint to dry and then I will cut the ply for the upper staging yard. Then once cut and painted, I will get cracking on the ply for the upper deck. The upper deck will be at 1600 mm from the floor. there will not be any towns or switching at this level. The trains will just run by through scenery at eye level.

Stay tuned..


  1. Lovely progress Brendan. Thanks for the update.

    Are the buildings 'new' or did you have them for the previous layout? (I don't recall seeing them.)


  2. looking good Brendan. When's the first in person preview?