Monday 30 January 2017

Completed Turnouts

Turnouts ready for install.

Some months ago I completed the build of a number of turnouts.
As I now would like to install the mainline on the lower level, I need to use some of them.

Over the last weekend I added the wooden ties to the turnouts and then I decided I would weather them before installing on the layout.

To weather them, I simply cut some thin strips of masking tape and placed the tape between the point rails and the check rails. This will assist in reducing the amount of paint in this location and stop the point rails from sticking (An issue I had on the old layout). As the turnouts are hand built, there point rails and the closure rails are the same polarity so there is no reliance on the contact between the point rail and the check rail for electrical conductivity.

Here is a picture of the turnouts all ready for painting..
I use olive drab for the paint colour.

Here is a picture of the turnouts painted, tape removed and rails cleaned.

Now back to the track laying..


  1. Very impressive seeing so many hand laid turnouts lined up like that. Looking forward to seeing them installed in the layout.