Sunday, 21 June 2015

Shed Clean Up

No more walls and ceiling.

Well, after the move of the layout a few weeks ago I have been busy pulling down the MDF on the calls and the 9mm ply from the ceiling.

Today marks the day that all the walls and ceiling is now done and the steel to hold the ceiling in place is also now down and ready to move.

Now I need to just clean up and move the MDF, ply and steel plus a number of piles of R6 insulation that came out of the ceiling.

I will take some pictures and update shortly.

Then, I will have to start planning the next layout. I will more than likely start a whole new blog for the new layout so I will post a link to the new blog once it is up. and running.

In the mean time, we move of the house in 4 weeks time and then off on our holiday with the kids for 10 weeks as we drive around Australia....

Stay tuned..!

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