Monday, 8 June 2015

The End for D&H Version 3

Good bye old friend. It has been fun!

Well, today marks the last day of the D&H Champlain division.

It took Chris and I around 12 hours today to complete the disassemble of the layout and move it around to his shed.

I had already done a heap of prep work in readiness for the day but there was a heap to do today.

Here are a few of the progress pictures.

The last part of moving the walls was the most challenging. In the end we cut them in half and moves 2.5 meter sections.

The layout now fills Chris's shed and it will be a huge game of chess to get it all back in the right place.

I have really enjoyed building this layout and I have learnt a heap of thing to do on the next one and the things not to do.

I will probably start a whole new blog for the next layout and keep this one for them old one so we can compare the old and the new.

Thanks to all those that came and run on the layout and enjoyed it as much as I have.

Now onto planning for the next one.

Till then.. Have fun....


  1. Sad to see it in this state Brendan however we all know the next will be as good if not better.

  2. It's also the beginning of Version 4 (even though I'm sure the planning has already begun!) of the D&H... ;)