Sunday, 14 December 2014

Fascia Time

Procrastination gone, fascia on the way.

After much procrastination, or I call it preparation, for fascia, I have now started the long task of installing roughly 52 meters 3mm x 2400 x 600 of fascia on the layout.

This will be a long task as not only do I need to install it, I need to shape it for hills and gully's, I need to cut holes for all the turnout panels (18 of them), the UP5 / UR92 (7), car card sorting shelves (6), portholes for the transition tracks from staging to the main desk (too many to count)..

Today, I finally got started on it and installed 10 lengths of the 2400mm x 3mm MDF. As you can see from the pictures, at present I have only roughed in the fascia on all but 2 of the sheets as I figured I would get it all installed, then one by one shape each sheet, then one by one, cut all the many holes in the fascia.. Then finally finish it with a lick of paint. Hopefully, now that Christmas holidays are here, I can make a decent dent in the work needed.. (that is if Michelle does not plan on family holidays away..!!!)...

As this is the rough in stage, the joins between sheets need to be blocked from behind to leave a nice join and also the screws need to be counter sunk.

Shish, any wonder I procrastinated for so long before I started this!...

Here are a few progress pictures..


Till next time....

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