Monday, 27 October 2014

Track painting - Completed

Track work now nice and grotty!

Aver the last few weeks I undertook the large task of painting all the track that is on the layout including the staging and staging approach tracks.

Well, today I can confirm that all the painting for the track is now done.
I used Olive drab to paint the track and it looks great. I did all the track in the one colour with the plan to go back to the little used sidings and give them a more rusty look later on.

This gives the track work a more uniform look and it covers up all the raw timber ties under the hand built turnouts and also where they were added at the track joins.

Here are a few random location pictures to show the progress efforts to date.


  1. Great job Brendan it looks good.

  2. Great job Brendan you have smashed that out of the park, and all before your big day too. That compressor must have been running hot of the last couple of nights!
    So how many bottle of Olive Drab did you end up using? Jas...