Thursday, 6 November 2014

First basic Ops session on the D&H

Its all in the preparation!.

This coming weekend I have scheduled a ops session on the D&H.
The session is going to be a basic session with a full train time table but no car cards.

I have the car cards for each car in my fleet, however, I dont have the time needed to plan the flow of traffic. So, instead I have set up a time table and as each train moves around the railroad, they will have drop off and pick up towns pre defined and the engineers can randomly pick up and drop off cars up to the max 20 car limit for each given train.

I have created small cards for each industry in each town so that engineers can figure out what type of car may be required for each industry.

There will be a number of through freights plus a pair of passenger trains as well as the North and South local plus the North creek branch local. The locals will do most of the work in each of the 5 remote towns.

In terms of time table and supporting documentation, I have created a crew call sheet so each engineer knows when they are needed, a Whitehall main yard work sheet as well as train cards for each train to provide instructions to the engineers as to what they are to do.

Here are a few examples:
Crew call sheet
The graph showing the movement of each train and where they cross is 10 pages wide

Train cards

Whitehall main yard instruction sheet

Well, thats all the planing done.. How let see how things go on Saturday.


  1. Hooley Dooley this looks way cool and here is me thinking we were just going to run trains around for the Golden spike ceremony.
    Looking forward to the day Brendan.

  2. I agree with Rod, Brendan. Very cool. It looks like we'll have a great inaugural operations session on the D&H.

    I'm sure that all this work will pay off, ... eventually. So even if things don't go quite as planned tomorrow, we'll still have a lot of fun, and learn a lot from our mistakes.

    See you tomorrow.