Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Corinth Paper Mill track work complete

Track gangs have been hard at it again in Corinth.

A week or so, the track gang arrived in Corinth to complete the paper mill track work.
After installing 4 additional turnouts and a bunch of flex track, the track feeders were then installed and tortoise machines that make up the Paper Mill complex.

All went according to plan and there is now plenty of room to switch the paper mill with a chemical siding, a box car loading / unloading space as well as a switch back that is needed for the pulp wood to be brought into the factory.

One challenge that presented itself was the install of the tortoise machine for the pulp switch back. As the track that heads down to staging was directly below it, I need to make an bracket and extension to hold the tortoise machine and throw bar.

Here is a picture of the piece of timber with the throw bar extension and tortoise machine installed.

Here is a picture of the assembly installed..

Here is a picture of the location that needed the special arrangement.

Now that the track work is completed at the Mill. This basically completes all track work on the layout.

A golden spike celebration is to be held on the 8th of November 2014. (in a few weeks time).

The progress on the build has been going at a steady pace since September 2013. So, just on 12 months all the timber construction is complete, including all track work and electronics installs for block detection and turnout control including panels for each town.

Before the Golden spike celebration I plan to have all the track painted ready for ballast.

Stay tuned..

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  1. Looking very nice Brendan.
    I like the Tortoise extension bar that's thinking outside the box. I'm sure it will work as good as it looks.