Sunday, 13 April 2014

Cab ride on the Champlain Division

Lets do a tour.

I loaned my fathers small 720p HD camera and mounted it on a flat car and took it for a spin around the layout.

As you will see, I started at the back of North Staging and progressed south bound from there to Plattsburgh, Pt Douglas, Willsboro, Whitehall, Ft Edward, Saratoga Springs and then into South staging. Once in South staging the train continues through south staging, to the return loop and then takes the diverging route back to North staging.

Here is the video.

Link to the Youtube video.

Next I will place the camera on a flat car that is 3 or 4 cars back from a loco and do another tour.
Stay tuned for that!..


  1. Fantastic video Brendan. I love it. Thanks for the ride.

    So, for operation purposes, a complete 'trip' from staging to staging running express will take just under 13 minutes! That's gonna be a lot of fun.

    The video seems a lot better than we were getting using my cigarette-lighter camera. What sort of camera did you use? (Is it one of those 808 car key cameras?)


  2. Hi Brendan
    Wow great run. The engineers will need to take a packed lunch and thermos with them on this RR. Nice sound from those GE's and did I see an ABBA set of Santa Fe GP60's sitting in staging. hmmmm
    Layout is going to be a lot of fun to operate.