Monday 3 February 2014

Track Gang completes North staging

All staging including approaches is now completed

Over a very hot weekend (40 degrees Celsius in the shade outside and about 30 inside the shed) I managed to complete the installation of another 10 turnouts including turnout machines and also used up another 32 lengths of Atlas code 55 flex track.

I'm now happy to report that the track gang has now completed all staging tracks including the long approach tracks from the North and the South.

The new staging tracks were tested with the 0-5-0 switcher and 12 box cars and 4 pass cars.
All passed with out issue.

The next step is to commission the track with track power and block detection.

Once the main deck of the layout is installed and the fascia is installed I intend to have portholes in the fascia to enable the engineer to see where the train is up to as the run from staging to the main deck is quite long (ie around 15 meters or so).
Here is an example of how I intend to do it.
(Thanks to Darren French for the idea.)

Stay tuned for the next update.

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