Monday, 17 February 2014

Backing for the Staging tracks and Volt / Amp Meters

Preparation to install the main deck.

While preparing to install the main deck I decided that the approach tracks and part of the North staging needed to have black back installed to mainly stop trains from falling to the concrete in the event of a disaster and also to provide a back when looking into staging or through the portholes that will be in the fascia as the train travels to and from staging.

I'm glad I got in now to install the backs (being painted 3mm x 100mm x 2400 long lengths) now before the main deck when in as in some places there is no room to use a normal screw driver or drill driver or even a stubby Phillips head screw driver..

Now the vast majority is done with only the south approach to do once I get the main deck installed so I can test the height. Some joins don't quite match on the back boards due to the change in grade. This wont be seen once the fasica is installed.
I also plan to place a strip that is about 15mm to 20mm tall along the front of the approach tracks and staging so that if there is a derailment things can be reached but not fall onto the ground. This has been done on the return loop under Corinth but is yet to be completed at other locations.

See a few of the below pictures for examples of the backing boards that are screwed directly to the 12mm ply that the cork and track sits on.

Once the backing was installed I then set about installing the main deck from Plattsburgh up a 1.9% grade to Ft Ann. As this section does not have any track below it and is fairly narrow things went fairly quickly. This will be the place of the scene along the water line up on a cliff face of Lake Champlain (per the main picture on this blog - above).

After completing the main deck between Ft Ann and Plattsburgh I then set about installing 3 new Volt / Amp meters on my 3 DC power supplies so I can monitor the load that they are being subjected to. I found these on ebay for only $5 posted so figured I would give them a go.
Once I over came the issue of the wiring diagram being incorrect per the ebay auction I installed them and they are now working perfectly and show both input volts and also current drain on the power supplies. One of the power supplies provides power to the DCS100 and the other 2 provide DC power to the various loconet devices around the layout.

The board that they are attached to is only temporary until the main deck is installed and the fascia is installed.

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  1. Hi Brendan,

    Was referred to your blog by Rod W. while researching LED lighting for my layout. Great layout you have going here, I am learning a lot going through your posts. I look forward to following your progress.