Sunday, 8 December 2013

Main deck and staging construction

Raisers and more raisers.

Now that I have decided that the LED lighting is not going to be bright enough for the layout and the only option is Fluro's, I now need to source enough fluro's to complete the layout.
As this is going to take a week or so, I decided that I would make a start on the main decks at North Creek and Plattsburgh and also the staging for the North and South ends.

Earlier this week I completed all the raisers at North Creek and Plattsburgh. Both of these towns dont have staging tracks below them so I knew I could make a start. During the week I completed the raisers and then today I completed the main decks at both towns as well as the majority of the deck for the North and South staging.. Now to complete the road beds from staging to the main deck of the layout some 300mm higher than staging.

Here are a few progress pictures.
Plattsburgh on the right and North Creek on the left
North Creek
North Creek from the other end
The end of North Staging

North Staging
North Staging
North Staging
Plattsburgh from the other end
Raisers ready for Willsboro (after I add the deck for the staging line below it)
South Staging
South staging
 South staging
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  1. It's looking great, Brendan. And you're making very fast progress.