Saturday, 31 August 2013

Testing out the plan

Time to test the plan and see how it fits.

One of the advantages of developing a layout plan with the planing applications that are on the market today is that you can easily print the plan 1:1 scale and with a bit of time, lay it out and see how things fit.

As I am using Anyrail V5 to develop my plan all I needed was access to a A3 printer and a ream of paper. So off to work I went and proceeded to print 250 odd A3 pages.. (Thankfully work is fairly accommodating so this was not an issue.) As part of the application it is easy to define what to print and the scale and it has a simple function that only prints the pages that has layout parts on them. So this automatically dropped the page count down, however due to the size of the layout and the shed, 250 pages were still needed.

Once the plan was printed, and free time allocated for the job, I proceeded to lay out the pages and tape them together. I also cut off the excess parts of the page where the isle is located.
As the shed floor is cold concrete, and the our house has polished timber floors, I decided that the house was the better place to put the layout together.

After a few evenings and a few hours this afternoon, the layout build on paper 1:1 scale was completed. As I taped it together in sections, it was then easy to roll / fold and walk it out to the shed.

Below are a number of pictures of the layout on paper, all laid out in the room.

Now I can walk around the isles I'm happy to say that it fits really well and I'm happy with the isle widths that I have designed into the layout. Some may say, in places it is a bit tight, however I think it will work really well.

Here are a number of pictures to show the layout all laid out.

Standing at the entry door looking at North Creek on the left and Plattsburgh in the middle

Standing at the door looking right at Willsboro against the wall and the end of the main yard of Whitehall

Staging at the door looking over at Ft Edward, on the left, Saratoga Springs in the middle and Whitehall on the other side.

 Looking at Whitehall in the middle and Saratoga Springs on the other side of Whitehall.

 Standing at the end of the Ft Edward peninsula

Now that the plan is laid out, I will continue to mark out on the floor where the peninsula's need to be placed based on the plan and then next week end make a start on the build.

The 400lm of 70mmx19mm timber for the structure and the 10 x 2400 x 1200 x 12mm C/D ply arrive on Wednesday or Thursday this week..

Thanks for dropping by.

Stay tuned as the build now proceeds.


  1. Nice job Brendan. I bet it took a while to sticky-tape all the bits of paper together.

    While you have the paper laid out, could you use a spray bomb to outline the edges on the floor? (After all, you'll eventually be covering the floor anyway.)